Q) What is LPGas?

A) Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) like petrol is a hydrocarbon fuel. It is mainly composed of propane and butane with a minor amount of propylene. LPG in its normal state is a vapour, but when moderately compressed, it becomes a liquid.

LPGas is:

non toxic
non corrosive
free of lead

In it's basic state LPGas is both odourless and colourless. However, to alert people to it's presence an odourant has been added so that it has a distinctive smell. This smell is not present after combustion.


Q) Why should I change to LPGas?

A) LPGas is a viable alternative fuel that has a significantly reduced impact on our environment. Smog and other chemical pollutants are choking our cities and motor vehicle emissions are a heavy contributor to this pollution.

LPGas powered vehicles contribute less, and in some cases, none of the following harmful emissions;

carbon monoxide
sulphur dioxide
low level ozone
unburned hydrocarbons
oxides of nitrogen

LPGas also reduces greenhouse gas emissions. Tests conducted by the Australian LPGas Association showed that a vehicle converted to LPGas produced the following reductions in emissions compared to a vehicle powered by Unleaded petrol:

62% reduction in Carbon monoxide emissions*
83% reduction in Hydrocarbon emissions*
65% reduction in emissions of oxides of Nitrogen*

*average compared to ADR37/00



Q) Is LPGas safe?

A) When it comes to LPG, safety is #1 priority. Components used as part of any LPG installation are tested and approved by the Australian Gas Association prior to being made available for use.
LPGas tanks must be tested regularly to ensure their safety and integrity.



Q) Can anyone service an LPG system?

A) No, only qualified and licensed LPG technicians can install, service and repair LPGas systems.



Q) Will converting to LPGas effect my new car warranty?

A) Most major car manufacturers warranties will not be effected by the addition of LPG. However, consult your dealer or manufacturer prior to going ahead with your conversion.



Q) Should my conversion be dual fuel or gas only?

A) The choice is ultimately yours. Many drivers prefer the dual fuel option as having two fuel tanks offers longer range and flexibility.



Q) Will LPGas effect my vehicles performance?

A) Newer vehicles operating fuel injected engines and engine management systems experience virtually no difference in performance between unleaded petrol and LPGas.  A minor drop in power may be experienced in some vehicle applications however, this will vary based on driving conditions, engine wear and fuel quality.


If you have any questions relating to LPGas or LPGas conversions please feel free to e-mail our Technical Support Department.


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